Responsible investing

Around the world, there’s a growing recognition of the critical role investors can play in taking a responsible approach to ethics and sustainability.

BMO has a 30-year history of responsible investing. We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our investment and ownership activities, because we know doing so supports not only the promotion of positive change across a range of issues, but also the long-term financial performance our clients want. It’s what our customers, regulators and society as a whole expect of us.

BMO Global Asset Management ESG Profile and Impact Report

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BMO GAM team discusses Responsible Investing strategies

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Sustainable Finance: Investing in a Better Future

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The A to Z of Responsible Investing

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Sustainable investing produces real world impact

We believe that by considering factors such as climate change, labour standards, environmental management and corporate governance, we can gain a better understanding of the companies we invest in and the risks they face. This helps us make better investment decisions for the delivery of long-term returns to our clients.

We also believe that acting responsibly is part of our duty as investment managers. Asset managers have a privileged and trusted position as stewards of capital. By using our influence wisely, we can contribute to meeting the world’s sustainability needs, as set out in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Investing with the triple bottom line in mind

Many of our clients are seeking ways to invest with a triple bottom line in mind, using their investments to not only produce a financial return, but to help spur social and environmental impact. BMO offers a range of funds and options for those who want to invest but are also conscious of the world around them and want to make a difference.

Engaging Stakeholders

Investment practices

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) specialists support the integration of ESG factors into investment processes throughout the entire group.

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Impact Investing

Impact investing is rapidly gaining relevancy as investors are showing increased interest in investing in funds that can not only generate strong returns, but can also make a positive social contribution, aligning with their personal values.

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Learn more about responsible investing at BMO.

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