Financial Inclusion

Responsible Banking

Social sustainability is all about creating sustainable communities that promote well-being by understanding what people need to have a good quality of life. This includes infrastructure to support social and cultural life, systems for citizen engagement and space for people and places to grow and evolve. Across North America, BMO is working to level the playing field in underserved communities, creating the conditions for social sustainability and economic growth.

Strengthening our neighbourhoods

BMO works to lift up communities by providing the tools people need to develop financial resilience and establish the foundations for prosperity. When we provide financial education and access to banking and credit for individuals who have too often been denied them, we lay the foundation for their financial security. When we extend credit to female entrepreneurs, we create thriving small businesses that help communities sustain themselves and create jobs. When we finance the construction of infrastructure in inner-city Chicago or a remote Indigenous community in Alberta, we’re helping build healthy neighbourhoods and create long-term economic vitality. And because social supports are so crucial, we also provide funding to community partners through grants and sponsorships.

Hubert the Lion, the mascot for BMO Harris Bank, attends a Community Open House with bank employees

Community Reinvestment Act

For BMO Harris in the U.S., CRA is more than compliance. It’s a promise, every day, to doing our best for those around us.

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Indigenous Banking

Indigenous banking

See how BMO is committed to providing improved access to financial products and services to Indigenous communities.

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BMO for Women

BMO supports women entrepreneurs and investors with research, innovative educational platforms, sponsorship of business-related conferences, seminars, and more.

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