BMO Corporate Social Responsibility

Our practices

Environmental stewardship

Environmental stewardship

Carbon neutral since 2010, BMO is dedicated to finding creative and data-driven ways to minimize the environmental impact of our operational activities.

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Employee giving

BMO employees believe in bringing positive, sustainable change to help build stronger, healthier communities where we live and work by contributing, volunteering and helping others.

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Community Giving

Community giving

BMO’s community giving strategy is built on three pillars – collaboration, learning and innovation – that are supported by our 200-year commitment to helping improve the quality of life in our communities.

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Community Sponsorship

Community sponsorships

BMO’s community sponsorships enable us to demonstrate our values by supporting organizations that work to build communities and drive social change.

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Business conduct

The way we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of our business objectives impacts our customers and other stakeholders, and it influences the amount of trust and confidence they have in us.

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Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity

Through innovative talent practices and ambitious workforce representation goals, BMO is focused on achieving industry leadership by increasing diversity across all levels of the organization.

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Responsible Banking

Responsible banking

BMO works to lift up communities in need by providing tools that help people develop financial resilience and fulfill their potential.

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A BMO Employee, Asia Shahulhameed, stands by a window smiling

Responsible investing

BMO engages with the companies in which we invest to promote their adoption of ESG best practices, and offers options that empower our customers to invest with ESG considerations in mind.

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Responsible Lending

Responsible lending

BMO integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our financing and lending activities – mitigating risk while creating the conditions that drive a more sustainable future.

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