Driving shared value and catalyzing positive change


Can a bank be a force for positive change? Can it push boundaries? Can it not only positively impact its customers but also lift their communities? We think so. Through the trust earned over 201 years in business; ethical standards that have been recognized the world over; an award-winning workplace culture that celebrates diversity and giving back; and a commitment to economic inclusion and levelling the playing field, we create value – shared value – that goes far beyond the returns we deliver to investors. That value is measured by the positive impacts we achieve collectively with all of our stakeholders.

To create change, we listen – carefully – with the goal of understanding what matters most to our stakeholders. We bring peers and community partners to the table, collaborating to offer support, solve challenges, and influence the forces that shape our economic conditions, rather than simply reacting to them.

That means considering the outcomes of every decision we make, everywhere we do business. It also means giving back – not just through our financial resources, but also in the important role we play in convening people around important causes, and acting as a catalyst for meaningful action. For us, sustainability isn’t an add-on. It’s integral to how we work, manage risk and drive long-term growth.

As long as the world refuses to stand still, BMO’s approach will evolve and adapt in step. Responsibility isn’t about following the rules; it’s about working to keep the system fair and accountable while leading by example.

For us, it’s about driving positive change.

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Darryl White
Chief Executive Officer
BMO Financial Group


Business conduct

The way we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of our business objectives impacts our customers and other stakeholders, and it influences the amount of trust and confidence they have in us.

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Our Approach

Our approach

At BMO, our aim is a simple one: to lead by example. We’re always striving to catalyze positive change by bringing together partners with a common will to build a more sustainable society and environment.

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Sustainability principles

See how our sustainability principles are embedded into our growth strategy and incorporated into how we do business, manage risk and create value.

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