BMO Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach

Our Approach

No organization stands outside the currents of social, political and economic change. As a bank, we’re asking the fundamental questions: what do our stakeholders – starting with our customers, and extending to our employees, communities, and society as a whole – expect? How do we address those expectations fully and responsibly?

Creating change and opportunity

While everyone has their part to play in building a more just society where people can flourish, we acknowledge that corporations are given a unique role. We have an opportunity to act as change makers and role models.

It’s also good business to do so. The health of our bank is directly linked to the long-term prosperity of our customers and communities, and to sustained economic growth.

Leading by listening

At BMO, our aim is a simple one: to lead by example. We’re always striving to catalyze positive change by bringing together partners with a common will to build a more sustainable society and environment. That means knowing our stakeholders deeply and actively listening to what they care about, offering support in many forms, and above all, living the values that underpin our actions.


CEO message

BMO CEO Darryl White addresses corporate responsibility, our values, sustainability and BMO’s commitment to give back to the communities we serve.

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Sustainability principles

See how our sustainability principles are embedded into our growth strategy and incorporated into how we do business, manage risk and create value.

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Statement on current issues

Statements on current issues

In approaching key issues, we’re guided by our values, our commitment to transparency, and our sustainability principles.

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