The clear connection between a healthy planet, healthy neighbourhoods and economic security is well-established. That’s why we continue to challenge ourselves to reduce our environmental impact in meaningful ways.

Climate change is more than just a threat to our fundamental environment; it jeopardizes our ability to achieve social progress and financial resilience. That’s why we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operational activities by integrating environmental considerations into how we do business. We focus on innovations that enhance responsible consumption as we work toward the future low-carbon economy. Achieving carbon neutrality in 2010 was a key milestone on our journey, but it was also just the beginning. We continue to find new, creative and data-driven ways to reduce our operational environmental footprint, both on an enterprise-wide level and through incremental changes driven by our employees. Everyone at BMO should strive to be a steward of the environment, because it is only through the collective impact of our efforts that we can create change – locally and globally.

BMO’s environmental sustainability strategy, known as ECO5, guides how we reduce the environmental impact of our business operations through best practices management of five key areas:

  • Energy consumption
  • Transportation
  • Material consumption
  • Waste management
  • Procurement

This strategy also provides a framework to measure success so we can chart our progress, promote transparency, discover where further opportunities lie, and encourage our suppliers, peers and global partners to be innovative in their efforts to find new ways to protect our collective future.

Our operational activities are continually reviewed and revised to achieve improved environmental performance. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Through our support of external groups via grants and sponsorships, we seek to champion environmental initiatives in our communities. We pursue opportunities to develop new products and services that help us achieve environmental sustainability objectives. We empower our employees to find new ways of enhancing and implementing our environmental policies, guidelines, programs and initiatives. And most fundamentally, we listen. We maintain open lines of communication with our stakeholders, and we ensure that in our financing decisions, environmental risks are identified, analyzed, managed and mitigated. All of this is essential to helping BMO play our part in continuing society’s journey toward a low-carbon economy.


8 years

BMO has been carbon neutral, enterprise-wide, for 8 years.


100% of the electricity used in the facilities we own in the United States comes from renewable sources.


BMO saved over $40 million in the past five years as a result of our environmental initiatives.


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