Ambition does not mean cutting corners. Every action we take is guided by our values – integrity, empathy, diversity and responsibility. Upholding those values without compromise is our most fundamental promise to our customers, shareholders, communities, and all of our stakeholders.

It starts with a commitment to transparency. We strive to lead our industry and demonstrate how deeply transparency and good governance matter – for our business conduct, economic contribution to society, privacy and information security, and fairness in our dealings with customers and employees.

BMO’s success and reputation are built on the trust we’ve earned from the people we work with and the customers we serve. We are sensitive to the impact our business decisions have on stakeholders and communities, and we are committed to doing the right thing – always. Our commitment to corporate citizenship and long-term sustainability is part of who we are, and it’s just as important to our brand as the products and services we offer.

Our values – integrity, empathy, diversity and responsibility – are reflected in BMO’s Code of Conduct. The approach outlined in the Code is not something we aspire to, but rather the performance standard we commit to every day. The Code is our enduring ethical guide – and its principles are not negotiable.

To stay current with the expectations of our stakeholders, engagement is embedded in all areas of the bank. We seek feedback through all our customer-facing channels, make it simple for shareholders to raise concerns, and provide opportunities for employees to give feedback. We engage with stakeholders through social media, participate in roundtables with our peers, and are active members of a variety of industry and community associations. Quite simply – we listen and learn. The feedback we receive guides the decisions we make for our business and helps us clarify the issues that matter.

We expect to see our values reflected in the vendors we work with up and down our supply chain. We strive to source responsibly and through our Supplier Code of Conduct, we hold our suppliers to the highest standards of sustainable practices and good governance – and expect them to replicate those practices down their own value chain.


Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2018 by the Ethisphere® Institute.


93% of our employees are confident that BMO is ethical in its business dealings.


Ranked the second most reputable U.S. bank by customers, according to American Banker and the Reputation Institute.


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