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BMO team supports survivors of domestic violence during pandemic

Among the hardest hit by the stay-at-home orders issued across the globe are those for whom home is not a safe place: survivors of domestic violence. As a long-time advocate for them, BMO’s Tiffany Kouimanis, VP, Strategy & Business Management, Global Corporate Banking, is determined to help. “During COVID-19, with restrictions to stay indoors, I understood what that could mean for individuals living in domestic violence situations,” says Tiffany Kouimanis, VP, Strategy & Business Management, Global Corporate Banking. “And I knew I wanted to do something to make an impact.”  Tiffany started a fundraiser to support The Network, in Chicago, Illinois (at which she is an Associate Board Member) and St. Jude House in Crown Point, Indiana – both organizations that support survivors of domestic violence.

Tiffany reached out to her BMO colleagues across the bank by email with her pitch, asking for donations to both pass on to the organizations directly and to create a pool of funds to be used to buy essentials for drop off. Tiffany raised over $1,500 in just 10 days, used in part to purchase food, diapers, children’s toys and more, which she dropped off at St. Jude’s.

Tiffany has been working with domestic violence charities for years, but she knows survivors need extra help right now. When she dropped off some donated items recently, the home director told her that they’d received two emergency intakes just the previous night. “Hearing this reminded me that everything we do together makes a difference for those that have walked away with nothing,” says Tiffany. “There are many that are not safe right now, and organizations like St. Jude House and The Network need our support more than ever.”

Contribute to St. Jude House’s GoFundMe, supporting their variety show fundraiser.

Support The Network in Chicago.

During these unprecedented times, BMO is living its Purpose to Boldly Grow the Good in business and life, and going above and beyond to help those who are being affected by COVID-19. Learn more about how employees are reaching out to their communities.

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