BMO sustainable fund recognized

The Money Observer has named the BMO Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity Fund as the Best Smaller Fund in the Global Growth category for 2019. With 1-year and 3-year returns of 13.6% and 52.6% respectively the publication noted that the £52 million fund had produced “higher returns with less volatility than many of its competitors.”

According to Nick Henderson, one of the fund’s managers, having a focus on sustainability brings both financial and ethical rewards.

“The world faces ever-growing challenges which come from living on a planet with growing populations and depleting natural resources. We believe that by investing in quality businesses that are embracing these challenges and providing solutions, there is an outlook of structural growth for the underlying holdings and a robust risk/reward payoff for the fund.”

Some of the fund’s constituents that are addressing environmental and societal issues include the US water technology provider Xylem; the Danish wind farm operator Orsted; HDFC the Indian financial institution helping to provide access to finance, including the 190 million ‘unbanked’ adults in India; and the Irish food and ingredients manufacturer Kerry Group, which is working with global food producers to reduce salt, fat and sugar content in food.

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